Morse Code Recordings, owned by Derek Morse and Rachel Rosen of Most Precious Blood, have just released a limited pressing of the original Most Precious Blood demo on vinyl. The 7″ pressing is available in red, translucent black, and black vinyl, and can be had for a price at

Most Precious Blood’s original demo released in 2000 has now been committed to vinyl. Pure, raw modern hardcore from Brooklyn, NY. This six song 7″ comes with a digital download that includes MPB’s cover of Slayer’s “Necrophobic”, the last song recorded with Tom on vocals “Typical My Heart” and a set of Minor Threat covers recorded live at CBGB’s. Includes a download code with the record.

Track Listing

1. The Knot
2. And the Band Played On
3. Sincerely
4. Carry the Lantern High
5. Song of Siren
6. Come What May

Pressing Information

150 Opaque red vinyl (stamped and hand numbered / mailorder only)
300 Clear / black haze vinyl
550 Black vinyl (35 with limited Euro tour cover)


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