Ian Mackaye of Minor Threat,

Ian MacKaye recently gave a talk for music business students at Loyola University in New Orleans. Along with the foundation of the straight edge movement and Fugazi tour stories, this Question & Answer session covers a phenomenal amount of topics, including what it means to be punk rock, getting records into stores, success in life, and more. Watch the talk below.

Some of the more esoteric topics covered are:

  • Fugazi’s “anti-dancing” policy, and how crowd surfing changed ticket prices
  • The greater influence of punk music
  • 8:30pm shows, and under-12 free shows
  • The importance of local bands
  • The importance of owning your own music
  • How the PlayNetwork is changing music
  • Getting bands on the road
  • Digital music
  • Selling snake oil, er rather the connection between alcohol and the music industry, and taking music away from snake oil sellers.


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