Davin of KINGDOM singing at a show

Philadephia vegan straight edge band Kingdom have released Between the Stars, a limited release in support of victims of human trafficking. The EP is made up previously unreleased songs recorded in 2010, and will benefit Transitions.

From the band:

These songs came about due to Transitions, an amazing organization in Phnom Penh, Cambodia that helps sexually trafficked girls heal from the past and reclaim their lives. Every penny made from these recordings goes to them. The first pressing of tapes (99) will raise over $700 alone. If you ever thought that hardcore doesn’t, can’t, won’t, or never changed anything, you were wrong. We’re not a big band. Never have been, never will be. But even a little band like us can do big things. Hardcore changes US, and through US can change everything. Don’t let this scene be just music. It is so, so much more.

Please check out the amazing work they do at: www.transitionsglobal.com


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