Cover art for Hardcare compilation album

Hardcare Cover Art

A compilation album has been released by UK web magazine xMore Than Inkx in order to raise awareness and funds for neonatal intensive care. The downloadable compilation features tracks from today’s best straight edge bands and musicians, including Ghost X Ship, xCurraheex, Wolf X Down, xRepresentx, Billy the Kid, Custodia, FocusedXMinds, Iron to Gold, Dead Man’s Chest, Cause For Revelation, Eyes to the Sky, and Trial. For more information, visit xMore Than Inkx.

From the xMore Than Inkx website:

All proceeds (minus PayPal fees) will go to a great cause. It is a level 2 neonatal intensive unit in Ormskirk, in the UK which cares for babies born from 28 weeks gestation. They also care for babies who are born addicted to drugs and alcohol and help them withdraw from their addiction. The donation will go towards incubators and monitors, plus vital things like bedding and development care aids.

Track Listing:

1. Truth Inside – Best Times
2. Broken Teeth – Soul Destroyer
3. GhostXShip – The Comeback
4. Failure To Follow – Wasting Away
5. Alhambre – Hasta Morir
6. ClearXPath – DUI
7. Forsaken – La Unica Muerte es el Olvido
8. xCurraheex – Got Your Back
9. Wolf X Down – Rot
10. xRepresentx – If Only Words Could Kill
11. Billy The Kid – xTresxEquizx
12. Lifeline – Seeking Light
13. Horizons – Hadleys Hope
14. xDeclaracion de Guerrax – Limites
15. Atlas – Serpents
16. Custodia – La Batalla
17. Hard To Deal – Never Ending Story
18. Olympian – Rusted
19. FocusedXMinds – Stay Focused
20. Spires – Open Hands
21. Iron To Gold – Soultraveler
22. A Point Of Protest – My Way
23. Pressure – Two Faced
24. One Choice – Our Way Of Life
25. Southpaw – Lost at Sea
26. Dead Man’s Chest – Summon The Strength
27. Cause For Revelation – Destroying Recollections
28. Before I Forsake – Breaking Boundaries
29. Between Earth & Sky – Praying For Kisses From Poisoned Lips
30. Heavy Hands – Step It Up
31. Eyes To The Sky – Live And Die Honor
32. Trial – Unrestrained (Live in St. Petersburg, Russia)


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