Sao Paulo hardcore band Imola

Fox and Deco have just put out a solid new record with their band Imola. The record, entitled Raiva e Retorno (Anger and Return), is the first for the Sao Paulo band.

We spoke to Guilherme Amato (Fox) about the new record:

[We] are really excited with the positive feedback from the EP. [We] got 3200 plays in 24h, and a spot on the first page of bandcamp’s most popular records in ‘hardcore punk’ category. [It’s] really great to see that even here in brazil, where this sound is [typically] terror-like and in english, we are finding our way.

Raiva e Retorno was recorded & engineered @ Toth Studios in April 2013. The EP is currently available for download through the band’s Bandcamp page, and will be released locally through Trashcorp Records.


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