Bruno, lead singer of Sao Paulo straight edge band Direct Shot

Bruno Lourenço on his release from jail

Bruno Lourenço, lead singer of São Paulo straight edge band Direct Shot, has been arrested and charged with conspiracy for participating in mass protests currently taking place across Brazil. The protests have been carried out in at least a dozen cities as up to 250,000 people demand better public services following an increase in the cost of public transit.

Rotting Out support Direct Shot lead singer Bruno following his arrest

Rotting Out

Mr. Lourenço has since released on bail, and Bruno’s friends in the international hardcore community have begun raising funds to cover his lawyer and other legal fees. Local straight edge band Still x Strong have announced that all of their digital album sales will go to cover the legal defense effort, and Rotting Out were accepting donations at their Brazilian shows.

If you would like to help out, digital downloads of all Still x Strong releases can be found at their Bandcamp page.


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