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Indiana songsmith Grey Gordon has released his debut full length, on Chris Hansen‘s No Sleep Records. The album, entitled Forget I Brought It Up, evokes shades of late nineties emo in the vein of early Death Cab, Seaweed, Dinosaur Jr, or even Helium. The record is a departure for Gordon, more known for his acoustic stylings than for playing with a backing band. Listen to the record below.

We spoke to Gordon about the record:

I’m very stoked I’ve finally gotten to make a loud indie rock record. Hoping I can get these kids into Sebadoh in the process.

Forget I Brought It Up is available now on vinyl or CD through No Sleep Records. To celebrate the release of the record, digital downloads are on sale this week at the No Sleep Bandcamp page.

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  1. Patrick Kafski 3 years ago

    Que coisa boa de ouvir 🙂

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