[AUDIO] Pinehurst: Searching for the Sun


Chandler Thompson (left) with Pinehurst

 Today we are featuring a record from Pinehurst, featuring Shawn Renfroe on vocals and Chandler Thompson on drums. The Florida band released their debut EP, Searching for the Sun, in October 2014. The band mixes Thrice and Quicksand influences with NOFX vocals. Listen to the record below.

From the band:

Special Thanks- Evan Blaine at World Championship Studios for the sleepless nights, and long hours he spent with us on this EP, The Goat House In Odessa FL, Haily Taylor, The amazing bands we’ve played with over the last year and a half, Our EXTREMELY supportive family and friends, We Are OH, Tyler Smith, And every single person out there who has helped us become the band we are today. Thank you all immensely.

This is for you.

Searching for the Sun was recorded with Evan Blaine at World Championship studios in August 2014. Download the record now at the Pinehurst Bandcamp page.

  1. Profile photo of ThatOneKid15
    ThatOneKid15 2 years ago

    This is so sick!! So into this! I’ve tried looking for the band on Twitter, do they have an account?

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