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German melodic metalcore band featuring Jasper Older on vocals. On the European hardcore and punk scene, there is one name you can’t overlook - A Traitor Like Judas. With the release of their fourth album Guerilla Heart”, the band, who hail from Braunschweig, Germany, look back on their 13 year history. The last original member left the band almost 3 years ago, and while the name and message has never changed, the most recent member Martin Schulze joined the band as a guitarist just a few months ago. Frontman Jasper Older knows all about enduring a constantly revolving door of band members. And despite having stepped away from the original sound, renaming the band wasn’t an op- tion - although it was a never ending topic of discussion. “We maintain a close relationship with the name – and it’s got a lot to do with the experiences we all shared through the years. For us, things have just gone differently than normal. We’ve always put out genuine, sincere music and that’s a big part of maintaining the initial integrity associated with the name.“ For A Traitor Like Judas, music is a creative voice that represents a deeply personal ethos explains Older. A Traitor Like Judas present a mighty, catchy record with their new full length „Guerilla Heart” which has its feet deeply rooted in the Hardcore-Genre. With real anthems like “What Counts” or “One Way Ticket”, the album is an inspiringly positive call to arms, which urges the listener to change their situation for the better. The record was written and pre-produced by the guita- rist Sören Kucz and Drummer Jochen Pohl in their shared apartment over the course of ten months – which culminated in the twelve tracks that made the final cut. The band called in well-known hardcore producer Kristian Kohlmannslehner at Kohlekeller Studios to create the final version. Pohl said: “Kohle is an extremely experienced and amazingly creative musician. So we had the opportunity to communicate with a person from outside of the creative process to talk about the songs. Often you are so deep in the project that you can completely miss so- mething really obvious, or overlook a moment of magic. In those times it’s good to have so- meone who can bring a band back down to earth. Music is our passion and we wanted to create an album that we can look back on in a positive way and which every musician could be proud of.“For A Traitor Like Judas “Guerilla Heart” is an appeal to humanity – to look independently at a situation or event, and to make choices that impact the world in a positive way. “We are no ra- dical activists but we want to see change. We are one of the new generations who are actively able to make a contribution,” said Tillman Listek, who (as well as Jasper Older) works in edu- cation. “Being in direct contact with a completely new and younger generation has influenced the band in expressing a positive vision to today’s youth.”“We just try to reach and inspire people with a positive message. It would be an honour for us to make a small contribution - particularly if some people concentrate a little more on the world as a result of our music. I guess it’s not an expectation – but it’s something that we all hope we can be a part of.”Without becoming overtly preachy, A Traitor like Judas are keen to emphasise that the fun in the project should not be overlooked either. For the release of “Guerilla Heart”, the inverted heart takes centre stage as a symbol for looking inwards and listening to your heart. Also the Band members worked together on a “Guerilla Heart Bundle” which includes, among other things, homemade “Guerilla Gardening”-flowerbombs, a Guerilla Heart stencil with a mini spray paint can, handwritten notices and a handmade refined metal box.


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