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Have a new music video, record, or tour, and want to see it featured in the magazine? Just started a new vegan catering service, a new clothing line, or a major fundraising campaign, and in need of a boost?

Then help us help you: here’s what to include in your submission:


Social Damage and Zero Progress in Toronto

A lot of people think that we only rep straight edge bands. In fact, our goal is to celebrate what straight edge community members are doing, and plenty of community members don’t even play in straight edge bands!

So if you’re submitting a band, who’s band is it that we’re featuring? The drummer? The guitar player? What are their names?

If you’re submitting a shop or new business, who’s business is it that we’re featuring? The owner? The designer? What is their name?

Jaded Voice @ El Mocambo

We definitely need a good band photo. That’s not to say an artsy polaroid photo won’t do it. But you wouldn’t believe how many people submit webcam photos.


If you’d be embarrassed to show this photo to 50,000 members of the straight edge community, don’t submit it. Because this is the photo that will be right at the top of the feature.

It doesn’t have to be professional, but take it seriously or we might accidentally lose your submission…

Should be a landscape (horizontal) orientation photo, minimum 1024px on the longest side.

Ever wonder why some posts of Facebook get seen by thousands of people, and some posts get seen by exactly zero?

Well this photo is the special sauce that gets our posts seen by a lot of people on Facebook.

All of our features get put on our Facebook page. So if you want a lot of people to see it, we need the most ridiculously ballin’ live shot you’ve ever had taken.

This photo has to convince 70,000 straight edge kids that your band is the sickest band they have ever seen and will ever see and make them feel compelled to Like your photo.

Sick stage dives and posi jumps? People wearing straight edge gear or with their fists X’d up?

You’re gold.

Same dimension requirements: landscape (horizontal) orientation, 1024 px  on the longest side.

For our third album, we wanted to capture what we thought heaven would sound like, if it was filled with hardcore kids spending their days stage diving. So we wrote a soundtrack to that.

I want to thank my mom. She was the only one that believed in this band, and she gave us the money to record it at Audio Hammer Studios in Bermuda. We are super stoked and hope everyone picks up one of the limited edition vinyls. Only 100,000 are being printed!

Okay here’s the deal, we get a lot of submissions.

So if you want us to fast-track yours, give us something that’s just for us. Something that hasn’t been copy-pasted to every website under the sun.

And maybe we’ll think about it.

It can be about anything, from the struggles of making your video, the people you want to thank, how stoked you are. Because no one wants to read a copy and pasted press release.

Of course, this isn’t the only way to fast-track your feature. You could always become one of our writers – then you could write your own features whenever you want!

If you have a new record or a new music video out, don’t just tell us – we want to be able to stream it through our site!

For music videos, we can stream off YouTube or Vimeo. All we need is the Share URL. Please be advised Facebook’s video code is unreliable and we can no longer accept it.

For full album streams, we can embed albums from Bandcamp, Soundcloud, and Reverbnation. At this time, we are unable to accept album streams from YouTube.

Yes we know, Facebook is the demon spawn of Satan and it’s everything that’s wrong with hardcore.

Band broke up because you spent 6 years playing nothing but local shows? Congratulations, you forfeit the right to whine because you valued keeping it xREALx and no one cared.

If you hate Facebook, well then you must hate Freedom. Stop hating freedom, just give us your page link.


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