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Without our store, we wouldn’t be able to keep providing all the services we do.

When you shop in our store, you’re helping to fund promotion, advertising, giveaways, and donations on behalf of artists, musicians, and small business owners like you. You’re giving us the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of our community members.

Our screen printed garments are even printed by a straight edge screen printer in Buffalo, NY.

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Online Community

The latest addition to our community resources, we offer community members the ability to find and talk to people like you in the places you live.

Features include private messaging, friends, groups, forums, and live updates.

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Our Story

We started our magazine in the summer of 2011, and launched our store in early 2012. Read all about how and why we chose to starting a magazine as the best way to contribute to our community.


Get Featured

Have a new music video, record, or tour, and want to see it featured in the magazine? Just started a new vegan catering service or clothing line? Everything you need to know about getting your name out there where it matters.


Have Questions?

Have questions about what it means to be straight edge, and too embarrassed to ask in the forums? Check out our extensive Frequently Asked Questions, filled with humorous responses compiled from our Tumblr.



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