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Want to see your Flickr albums featured on our site? With our new Flickr API, we can embed your galleries right onto straightedgeworldwide.com!

And if you have experience with WordPress sites, our publication tools are a snap!

Become a Contributing Photographer

Follow these steps to become a Contributing Photographer.

You’ll learn how to create gallery post pages, set cover photos, embed your Flickr galleries, and more!

The following tutorial can also be used to embed Picassa, SmugMug, 500px, and Zenfolio galleries, but we’ve limited our instructions to Flickr for now.

Our gallery embed feature is only available to registered members!

To become a member, click on the Register button in the top menu.

Becoming a site member is the first step in becoming a Contributing Photographer.

Creating galleries is a special privilege that isn’t available to our standard users. This feature is only available to members with a Contributor status.

As a Contributor, you have the ability to create and delete your own gallery pages.

And by managing your galleries yourself, each gallery will automatically feature your profile photo and contact information at the top of each page.

To be upgraded to a Contributor, contact us directly, as it’s something we have to do manually. You can use our contact form, or message a site admin through their personal profile page.

Creating a new Gallery post can only be done from our site backend.

Click here to create a new post.

Or, Click here to jump into our website backend.

Once there, use the toolbar on the left side to create a new post by going to Posts > Add New.

Choose a title for your gallery post.

The title should be as short as possible, because it will automatically used as the URL. Our preferred format is Band: Date at Venue

Check out some samples titles from previous galleries

We always want to lead off our posts with a big photo.

Click on Add Media (under the Title) > Upload > Select Files, and upload best photo from your set.

Or, to ensure that you have complete control over the photo, you can use the Insert from URL feature.

Don’t forget to fill out the Title, Alt Text, and Description fields (bottom right) so Google Images will find your photo. You can also add a caption with your copyright.

Set the Alignment to Center, and set the size to Large (680px wide) so that the photo fills the whole page.

When you’re done, click Insert into Page and your photo will be added to the top of your post.

Write a short introduction telling everyone the band, venue, and date the photos were taken.

If the band is a straight edge band, say so! The easiest way is to use the city the band is based out of, such as UK straight edge band Breaking Point, or Syracuse straight edge band Ghost x Ship.

If the band is not a straight edge band, but has straight edge members, tell us their names. For example: Chandler Thompson’s Pinehurst, or Silverstein, featuring Paul Koehler.

This is the tricky part.

To embed galleries, you need to know your Flickr ID.

The easiest was to get your Flickr ID is to paste your username URL into idGettr.com.

Fortunately you only have to do this once, because once you use it in a gallery post, you can always copy it from your old posts.

Your Flickr ID has the format [email protected] – grab it!

Flickr uses a 17-digit number to distinguish between each of your albums (previously called photosets), galleries, and collections.

When you navigate into an album, gallery, or collection, the set number will be in your URL following your username.

You’ll need this number later!

  1. Start a new paragraph under your introduction
  2. Click Add Media
  3. Click the Photonic tab on the left
  4. Click on the Flickr tab if it’s not already selected
  5. Paste in your Flickr User ID ([email protected])
  6. On the Display dropdrown, select the type of photo group your will be showing. Choose from Photoset (Album), Collection, or Gallery
  7. Paste in the Flickr album, collection, or gallery number (17-digit) into the Photoset ID, Gallery ID, or Collection ID field
  8. Scroll to the bottom of the Media window and click the Insert into Post button
  9. Pat yourself on the back for doing such a good job

Look for the list of Categories on the right side of the page.

If the triangle is pointed up, click on it until it is pointed down to show all categories.

Click on All Categories to ensure the Gallery category will be listed.

Set the Category type to Gallery. This guarantees that people will find your page if they click on the Live Photos link in the main menu.

Unselect any other categories.

We need to assign the image that will be shown on the main magazine page.

Scroll down until you see the Featured Image section on the right side of the page.

If the triangle is pointed up, click on it until it is pointed down to show the Set featured image link.

Click on Set featured image to open the Set Featured Image window.

Select the photo you just uploaded for the top of your post.

If you used a URL to insert your post image, you will need to upload an image to use as the Featured Image.

Click on Set Featured Image in the bottom right corner.

Use the Publish button in the top right corner to send your post to us for review and approval.

If it’s good to go, we’ll approve your gallery, and it will show up on the front of our Magazine.

We’ll also put a link up on our Facebook page!


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