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I used to play in a straight edge band and I spent a lot of time touring the US and Canada. DIY everything, booking, merch, promotion. Good times, hard work, and a lot of new experiences.

Everywhere we went, we met amazing straight edge people that were doing incredible things in their scene: promoters, skateboarders, bmx riders, zine writers, artists, photographers. When I stopped touring, I lost contact with all of these amazing people.

One day in 2011, I had a long conversation with my brother about the straight edge scene. I was looking for an online project to put my skills to good use, and he was looking for a way to help out a community that had carried us when we needed it.

Why a Magazine?

Online promotion is amazing. Being able to tour the US and Canada the way we did was entirely due to our online promotion work. We wanted something that could help out straight edge kids everywhere, even if they weren’t in a band. Our goal was to give them the space to focus on their craft, and leave the promotion to us.

And we wanted to have a voice – we felt that it was important for kids to have some guidance on what it’s like to be straight edge from people that have been in the game a long time, not just humorously militant lyrics.

We decided that an online magazine was the best way to become a community resource that could keep up with a scene as dynamic as ours.

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Why Clothing?

At the end of the day, straight edge bands and clothing companies can’t survive without the support of the straight edge community: that’s where you come in. We do our best to expose as many bands and brands as possible, but it’s a full time job.

We made the commitment to offer premium, limited edition clothing and other items as a way to keep the magazine going. Your support helps us to cover the costs of running the magazine, developing new resources, the advertising needed to really get the word out, donating to community members, and so we can work towards to making this happen full time.

And in the meantime, it’s a great opportunity to show our creative side.

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Hopeless Youth

Our goal is promote you!

We are mandated to celebrate the work of straight edge artists, musicians, athletes, and business owners.


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